Undergraduate Students

Jade Chow

Jade is in her third year of an Undergraduate Science Degree in Psychology. Currently, she is working under the direction of Dr. Maria Davis, exploring genomics-based techniques that can be used to analyze membrane protein topology.  In the past, Jade has presented a published paper at the Canadian Association of Gerontology’s annual conference, exploring age-related differences in pain coping mechanisms.

Faraz Khan

Faraz is in his third year of an undergraduate degree in biology. Faraz started as an NSERC URSA recipient in 2020 investigating the gut microbiome of Blaberus discoidalis and characterizing the changes due to diet. Faraz is currently studying nematode parasitism in Blaberus sp.

William Quere

William is an undergraduate student working under the supervision of Dr. Maria Davis. He is investigating membrane protein topology mapping methods as well as the topology of membrane protein RsiO, an anti sigma factor native to Bacillus subtills.

Laura Schnell

Laura is an undergraduate student working under the guidance of Dr. Maria Davis. She is currently completing a BIOL 396 looking to improve the at-home Pisum sativum root nodulation lab for Plant Physiology. In the summer, she will be analyzing 16S rRNA sequence data from the gut of Blaberus discoidalis, a cockroach species commonly fed to insectivorous tropical pets, as an NSERC USRA 2021 recipient.